Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
EduSuiteSchools Packages

MISSION: To make education and educational tools more accessible through the internet. And also to make educational institutions administration more readily available and far-reaching using the internet as a viable medium.

About EduSuite

The EduSuite is a range of feature-rich and dynamic web application that have been tailored to meet the needs of schools and surpass their needs. The range of schools covered by this package includes pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. The packages can also be useful for tertiary institutions and other learning centres.

One of the core desired effects of EduSuite is to make schools' website more functional than just a collection of static webpages that display only a few set of information season in, season out. But schools' websites can now also function as a fully functional online office or client/customer service point for the school. It also aims at providing online administrative and academic functionalities so as to give schools a wider area of accessibility.

Vision: To enhance quality education delivery through the web and the internet.

What EduSuite Offers

Triple advantages of an impressing web presence, online learning and administrative functionalities

EduSuite provides next-generation website/web application solutions designed to give schools the triple advantages of an impressing web presence, online learning and administrative functionalities. Thus, giving schools the next-generation of internet technology advantage today. The packages have been developed to support various kinds of schools based on the functional and financial capacities.

Why You Need EduSuite

Get steps ahead in providing quality education

If you are interested in taking your educational service delivery to the next higher level, then EduSuite is a good deal. EduSuite provides you with features, functionalities and user interface that help you deliver better services to parents and their wards. Providing you with the bests of online learning and school administration technologies available around this part of the world in a world class User Interface.